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Studio LOOS x Zaal 3
The Hague International Sound Art Festival
do 2 nov - 20:00
do 2 nov 2023
  • do 2 nov 2023
    Zaal 3, Den Haag
    De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A

LOOS and Zaal 3 invite you to the first edition of The Hague International Sound Art Festival. A celebration of the limitless possibilities of sound as a medium of artistic expression. This immersive event invites you to embark on a journey through aural landscapes, where the boundaries of music, technology, and art blur into a tapestry of sonic experiences.

The Hague International Sound Art Festival brings together international artists for a thought-provoking blend of live electronics, live performances, human-computer interaction showcases, and interactive sound installations. Let yourself be transported into a world of creative sound machines and enchanting light installations, creating a multisensory experience like no other.

Read more about the performances, installations and participating artists on the festival website:

Festival website

Programme Thursday 2 Nov

“A Song of Truth and Semblance” by Gilius van Bergeijk
“Symphony of a Thousand (alphabetically)” by Gilius van Bergeijk

“for siblings” by Lucie Nezri 
Performed by Reinier van Houdt

“Énacteur” by Farzaneh Nouri
Performed by Reinier Van Houdt and Erik Boeren

“Elucidations to Self-Estrangement” by Tilen Lebar

“Uninteded Music” by Daniil Pilchen
Performed by Daniil Pilchen and Nirantar Yakthumba

Ongoing programme (LOOS & Zaal 3 foyer)


“June-Walking on a Lichen Research” by pantea and Leonie Roessler


"Complete artificial light and sound object show from the 60s to present day" by Willem Marijs

“Soaked To The Ears” by Ege Sahin

“Bec0m1ng: A Speculative Exploration of AI Beyond Cognition and Towards Presence” by Farzaneh Nouri & Arash Akbari

What Is Sound Art? 

Sound art is a diverse and interdisciplinary form of art that primarily utilizes sound, acoustics, and auditory elements as its medium of expression. It breaks away from traditional notions of music by emphasizing the artistic and aesthetic qualities of sound itself, rather than focusing solely on melody, harmony, or rhythm. Sound artists often work with various sonic elements, including field recordings, found sounds, electronic synthesis, spoken word, and more, to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences.

About LOOS

LOOS is a unique performers’ lab and foundation that explores innovative performing techniques, merging traditional instruments with cutting-edge technology. They delve into both production and presentation, emphasizing reflection on practice and aesthetic expression.

Studio LOOS, established in 2005, serves as a hub for experimental music and artistic research in The Hague.


presented by Peter van Bergen together with the artists and through the collaboration of Studio LOOS and Zaal 3 (Het Nationale Theater)

the festival presents an international selection of audiovisual artists spanning various generations and cultural backgrounds, including but not limited to: Lucie Nezri (FR), Willem Marijs (NL), Farzaneh Nouri (IRN), Viktoria Nikolova (RU), Gilius van Bergeijk (NL), Peter van Bergen (NL), Codi Takacs, Kaat Vanhaverbeke (NL), Johan van Kreij (NL), Leah Plave (USA), Tiziano Teodori (IT), Tilen Lebar (SVN) Reinier van Houdt (NL), Daniil Pilchen, Terrie Ex, Leonie Roessler (DE), Nirantar Yakthumba (NPL) pantea (ESP), Erik Boeren (NL), Ege Sahin (TUR), Arash Akbari (IRN)