Double Bill | John Kelly (UK) & Els Àngels no tenen fills (Catalan/SP)

Festival opening night with a (short) concert and a performance
STET No Limits Festival
vr 4 okt - 19:00
vr 4 okt 2024
  • vr 4 okt 2024
    Theater aan het Spui
    Zaal 2

The opening night of the STET No Limits Festival features a short concert by John Kelly (UK), an activist musician that fights for equality and human rights. Followed by the performance Els Àngels no tenen fills (Catalan/SP) about maternity and disabled people.

19:30 John Kelly (UK)

As a pioneering artist John has broken new ground and continues to encourage change through his music, practice and collaboration with others. He identifies strongly as a Disabled Person and is a warm, funny, passionate musician with over 30 years’ live experience.

Listen to Kelly's debut solo album here:

20:30 Els Àngels no tenen fills (Catalan/SP)

A STET debut in their first Catalan performance, Els Àngels no tenen fills spreads light on one of those issues that don’t seem to exist until someone starts talking about it out loud – sexual and reproductive rights of people with functional diversity.

This performance will incorporate English surtitles.

This is Theater of Testimony that raises questions that many might not have asked until now. What makes one part of the community believe that it is more valid than another for motherhood/fatherhood?

In de media

About John Kelly:

“a rollercoaster of emotion…foot stomping bangers, personal tales of political struggle & beautifully crafted folk songs“

“A force of nature…has to be seen and heard to be believed”.


Els Àngels no tenen fills

dramaturgy and direction Clàudia Cedó
cast Andrea Álvarez, Marc Buxaderas, Berta Camps
scenography and costumes Gemma Moreno
lighting and sound design Lluís Robirola
assistant director Maria Cambil
support and council Juli Palacios
management Roser Soler
executive production Marta Iglesias, Roser Soler
photography Silvia Poch
video Clàudia Barberà