The elderly man in my tummy & Calling my X

Megan de Kruijf | Tijn Hoekzema & Marieke Ornelis
wo 3 mei - 20:00
wo 3 mei 2023
  • wo 3 mei 2023
    Zaal 3, Den Haag
    De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A

An evening celebrating theatre, solo’s and club music by graduating students from the academy of performative arts Maastricht.

20:00 The elderly man in my tummy
20:40 Pauze
21:10 Calling my X

The elderly man in my tummy - Megan de Kruijf

Made and performed by Megan de Kruijf, Music by Megan and Jan de Kruijf, special thanks to Joris Smit.

A girl

A toilet stall

A party

And that feeling between dying and death.

Instagram: @megandekruijf

Calling my X - Tijn Hoekzema & Marieke Ornelis

Performed by Tijn Hoekzema, directed by Marieke Ornelis, music by Mitzi Beesemer, theatre design by Pit Meurs, written by Tijn & Marieke, based on 'La voix humaine' by Jean Cocteau.

A camgirl livestreams The last phone call with their lost love.

I have a lot of feelings.

I love feeling.

I feel everyday.

Instagram: @marieke.ornelis