Birth Preparation Course

Ori Lenkinski | STET - The English Theatre
zo 14 mei - 15:00
zo 14 mei 2023
  • zo 14 mei 2023
    This show includes a Spotlight talk
    Zaal 3, Den Haag
    De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A

Birth Preparation Course is an intergalactic, interactive lesson on human reproduction taught by a future species in deep space.

Drawing on materials taught by midwives and doulas in birth preparation courses around the world, the performance employs text, movement, music, props and audience participation to convey information about how each and every human came into being. The lesson places emphasis on the placenta, a mysterious, often hidden and essential organ.

In de media

“a brilliant show, superbly acted and riotously funny, but its worth is nestled in the important criticism it presents on the warped social perception about pregnancy and birth.”

Women's Magazine
“The play is light, funny, amusing and most importantly, moving.”

“There is a double transformation. One sees the beauty and the aesthetic, the humor and the irony, which takes back control of the female body and presents it as she sees and experiences it.”

About Ori Lenkinski

Ori Lenkinski (director, performer) is a Tel Aviv-based dancer, actress, choreographer and journalist. Her work, be it on stage, the Internet or on paper, is devoted to exploring the connection between words and movement.

As a dancer, Ori has worked with independent choreographers in the USA, Europe and Israel. Her works include The Painting, Portrait #2, The Suit, Help Desk, Birth Preparation Course as well as the dance films Carriage and Expecting. She is a co-director, actor and movement director of the play Blueberry by Nataly Zukerman, which recently won Best Show at the 2022 Akko International Fringe Theater Festival.


Concept, choreography and performance: Ori Lenkinski
Lighting Design: Netta Koren
Set Design: Avidan Ben Giat
Stage Management: Alina Zhutovsky
Music: Walter Wanderley, Meara O’Reilly, Roisin Murphy, Brian Eno, Techtronics, Sonnymoon, Barbara Lewis