Captain John's Studio

MARA - documental music theatre

Mara Snip
di 28 feb - 20:30
di 28 feb 2023
  • di 28 feb 2023
    Documental music theatre
    Zaal 3, Den Haag
    De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A

Mara is a lost mermaid washed ashore foreign grounds. Stripped from her hopes and dreams she is slowly dying and needs to decide if she wants to walk up shore or dive back into the water. To come to this decision she reflects on her life up until now and tries to imagine the life she wants to live.

The performance MARA is a result of re-establishing her relationship with self-expression in life and art. After about 25 years of suppression of her femininity she now created space and time to build a new way of being.

MARA is about asking the question: If I would reclaim my right to exist without suppression, what would arise? How would I move, express and relate in this expanse?

The contrasting complexity of the mermaid signified by their unique voice provides Mara the freedom to address subjects as transsexuality, the effects the neoliberal patriarchy had on her and the empowerment of choosing femininity above masculinity. She sings about years of dissociation, body-dysphoria, sexuality and desire for intimacy. By showing her pursuit for her right to exist, she sets an example for her audience to break through a small minded mentality and shows the possibility of a different way of living.

Important: This performance will be in English and contains explicit language.

About Mara

Mara Snip (1991) is a performance-artist based in Berlin. In her artistic practice she reflects on her position as a transgender woman within the patriarchal society and the relationship between the queer body and the audience. She made it her art to dive deep into the depths of the darkness and proudly shows the power of vulnerability and femininity.


Voor de gehele maand februari is Mara in residentie bij Zaal 3. Zij ondersteunen Mara in het ontwikkelen van haar artistieke praktijk door het bieden van ruimte, tijd en vertrouwen.