A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings (8+)

Dan Colley | STET The English Theatre
za 28 jan - zo 29 jan
za 28 jan 2023
zo 29 jan 2023

Gabriel García Márquez’s darkly comic tale, brought to the stage for children and adults to share.

In a kitchen, in a theatre, two storytellers and their audience find something remarkable — a very old man with enormous wings...

The wise neighbour woman tells us he’s an angel. The priest says he’s an imposter. Pilgrims flock to see him, hoping to be healed by him, hoping for a gawp. They leave with something different than what they expected.

Adapted from Gabriel García Márquez’s Un señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes, Collapsing Horse bring this classic piece of magical realism to the stage in search of its beautiful, strange, emotional richness.

Winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982, the Colombian novelist and journalist Gabriel García Márquez is known for his critically acclaimed works of magic realism. He is best known for his novels, such as One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967) and Love in the Time of Cholera (1985).

The show on Sunday 29 Januari features a Dutch sign language interpreter.

In de media

“fifty minutes of near theatrical perfection”

“a model of ingenuity”

“There is as much for adults to enjoy... as there is for children"

THE MAIL ON SUNDAY ★★★★★ “a beautiful if enigmatic ending... The two performers perform as a perfect team and the whole thing is an absolute delight.”


Directed by Dan Colley
Produced by Matt Smyth
Adapted for Stage by Dan Colley, Manus Halligan and Genevieve Hulme-Beaman

Made possible with the support of Culture Ireland