Curriculum Veto

Art Goss
do 15 sep - vr 16 sep
do 15 sep 2022
vr 16 sep 2022

Curriculum Veto takes as its starting point the CV: the ultimate, universally recognised, individualised standard that conditions labour. The abbreviation for the Latin ‘curriculum vitae’, or, ‘the course of life’; its name implies an incorporation of life into work. Curriculum Veto critically investigates this entanglement, from the deep history of CV’s to the role of the CV today.

In Curriculum Veto, an artist receives unsolicited career-advice from a technologically aided, deep-faked Leonardo da Vinci, who is canonized as the original inventor of the CV. In the performance, Art Goss pays particular attention to the role of bluffing, the euphemistic language used to disguise our shitty jobs, the notion of confession on art world CV’s and women's access to the labour market.

Art Goss believes it is urgent and insightful to consider the many forms of ‘wasted’ work; the labour that falls between the lines of the CV-as-standard. What do we value as productive, as “time well spent”; as “real” work? And how does the notion of a ‘labour of love’ —backed up by the widely used mantra ‘do what you want and you will never work a day in your live’— leave us vulnerable for exploitation?

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Art Goss is a platform for high effort art gossip, founded in November 2020 by artists/writers L. Artimer and M. Gossamer. Art Goss publishes critical narratives and observations on institutions, structures, and phenomena within the Dutch cultural sector and materialises them through Instagram, performance and exhibition making. Born out of the inequalities and institutionalised violences of the art world, Art Goss reclaims gossip as a force of legitimate, political knowledge production.