Louder is Not Always Clearer

Jonny Cotson | STET
za 30 okt - ma 1 nov
za 30 okt 2021
ma 1 nov 2021

Jonny is a teacher, a father and an avid football fan. He’s outgoing and loves music and festivals. Jonny was born deaf. Louder is not always clearer is an honest portrayal of the vulnerability of a deaf man, created and performed by a deaf man. Focusing on the importance of connection with others and the struggle to do so affectively.

For a hearing audience, this show is an illuminating and emotional experience. For deaf audience members it is a familiar tale of misunderstanding and isolation. Most importantly, for all audiences it is a humorous and at times moving story of one man’s attempt to cope, to fit in and be accepted.

About the performer

Meet Jonny.
Jonny is a teacher, a freelance facilitator, a workshop leader, and an avid football fan. He’s just become a father, he is a campaigner, and an artist. His friends say that he’s outgoing and popular and that he loves music, festivals, and nightclubs. Jonny is deaf. He was born deaf to hearing parents who were afraid that disability would stigmatise their son and the family. Deaf was not a term that was used in the Cotsen household. Jonny underwent ardent speech therapy and learnt to lip read. He did not identify himself as “deaf” until much later in life. From an early age he felt disconnected from his disability, but also disconnected from the world around him.

STET No Limits Symposium

Louder is Not Always Clearer is the first performance of STET NO LIMITS! and it will be followed by a theatrical symposium in Theater aan het Spui on disabilities in the Dutch theatre world, in The Hague on 1 November. The symposium will include a keynote address by Robert Softley Gale of Birds of Paradise, a disability led company Glasgow, and a panel of experts. You can buy combi tickets for both the Symposium and the performance of ‘Louder is Not Always Clearer’ on 1 November in our ticket shop.


“Louder is Not Always Clearer is honest, it has no fear, it has no bullsh*t. It is unashamed, unapologetic, and something fully needed in the forefront of society. Feel seen, feel informed, but ultimately, come away feeling Cotsen’s emotions, with anger at those who are ignorant.” - ★★★★★ Get The Chance

“A deeply moving piece of theatre.” - ★★★★ The Stage

“Louder is Not Always Clearer also includes moments which turn the tables on hearing members of the audience in terms of exclusion: there is silent video of people speaking slowly and clearly which we are challenged to lip read, but which goes untranslated; as are signed conversations with deaf members of the audience.” - British Theatre Guide