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How to be human in this digital age

Markus Gabriël | Filosofie in Den Haag
14 apr
10 apr

How do we regain control of our thinking in this digital age? According to the German philosopher Markus Gabriel our thinking is a sense just like seeing or hearing. Yet our thinking about reality is put to the test as we are continuously subjected to new streams of information. Come and listen how Markus Gabriel reassesses what thinking means so we can prevent ourselves from becoming desperate data junkies and techno-zombies.

This program is in English.

Your computer does not think

We regard ourselves as thinking beings, but what does this thinking entail? In a time where we consider computers to be thinking machines, we make distinctions between intelligence and artificial intelligence, and we consider some information to be fake news. Markus Gabriel embarks on a quest to understand our thinking. According to Gabriel all intelligence is artificial, your computer does not think, and there is no such thing as false information.

Human thinking

People tend to be more likely to attribute intelligence to their smartphone, rather than to a pigeon or an octopus. According to Gabriel this idea is foolish and we should not let our conceptions of thinking be led astray by technological developments and science-fiction. Instead we need to work towards restoring a realistic account of human thinking.

Der Sinn des Denkens is the latest book in Gabriels’ trilogy on New Realism. In the first volume he challenged our notion of what exists and what it means to exist. In the second volume he questions the assumption that the self is identical to the brain. In this final volume he reflects on our understanding of thinking.

After his lecture Markus Gabriel will engage in a conversation with philosopher Eveline Groot of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Markus Gabriel

Markus Gabriel is a renowned German philosopher and professor of philosophy at the University of Bonn. He was heralded as the young god of German philosophy and developed his own school of philosophical thought: New Realism. Der Sinn des Denkens (2019) is the latest book in his trilogy on New Realism.

Eveline Groot

Eveline Groot is a PhD candidate at the Department of Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She studied philosophy, classical culture and religious studies at the University of Amsterdam and University of Edinburgh. As former coordinator for the Month of Philosophy, program maker and teacher, she is committed to giving philosophy a broad base in society.

Prevent yourself from becoming a desperate data junkie or techno-zombie

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with Markus Gabriel & Eveline Groot


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