Barbie & Ken 4ever

Øystein Johanson
8 nov
9 nov
Data & tickets
  • do 8 nov 2018
    Zaal 3, Den Haag
    Zaal 3
  • vr 9 nov 2018
    Zaal 3, Den Haag
    Zaal 3

Barbie and Ken 4ever dissects the human instinct of being cruel. In a relationship where giving pain to others feed the lust, and where fear is a magnifier of desire. In this project the main focus lies in the mechanism of enjoyment of watching and giving pain to others, and how the meeting between these to elements create a powergame towards the victim. Barbie and Ken 4ever is based on the true story of two serialkillers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka from Toronto Canada.

De cast


Narcissus so himself forsook, and died to kiss his shadow in his brook - Shakespeare

Onderdeel van:
Buurtgenoten#1 in Zaal 3

On the outside Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka seemed like the perfect couple.
However, only three months after Paul and Karla met, a series of brutal assaults began.

Two things made ‘The Ken and Barbie Killers” case significant.
One is that they videotaped themselves sexually assulting their victims.
The other is the part those tapes would play – and wouldn´t play – in their prosecution.

To this day Bernardo insists he never killed anyone.


Performers Janne Heltberg and Marius Mensink
Dramaturge Jonas Rutgeerts
Director Øystein S. Johansen

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