Friday, January 10 at Theater aan het Spui

SOLAS of LeineRoebana

After the critically acclaimed show Sweet Demon from 2018, choreographers Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana return this season with their new work called SOLAS.

The medieval French word solas means: comfort, relief, support, solution. Faced with the huge, persistent problems of our time, we are taking this concept seriously. The performance provides no direct relief for the world's suffering, but it does create space for alternatives. SOLAS combines the comforting feeling of experiencing something beautiful with the need to consider reality differently. Like a bird uses everything he finds in the city to make a solid nest: twigs, but also cigarette butts, pieces of plastic, aluminum etc.

For the singers in SOLAS, dancing is as important as the playing of a song. The dance emphasises the vocals, but follows its own path in the body of the singer, apart from the song. A song does not end with the last note, but with the latest dance moves that accompanies the melody. Dance music is not only visible, it changes its time. A maelstrom of songs, dances, texts and music fills the stage. Equally, simultaneously and independently spread among ten performers or all combined in the body of one of them.


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