Tuesday, February 11 at De Koninklijke Schouwburg

Dear Winnie of Noord Nederlands Toneel /KVS

When do you rebel? When do you sacrifice your personality for the bigger picture? KVS-members Junior Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi and Cesar Janssens connect the stories of nine actresses, singers and performers from the African diaspora with that of Winnie Mandela. In this way, small human stories come together with a larger historical narrative. A production with a lot of music filled with power, hope and fire. 


Wednesday, Febuary 12 at Theater aan het Spui

Anatomie van de pijn of NTGent/Lies Pauwels

The past hurts. The present hurts. In fact, nothing has changed. Or is pain the prophet of change?

Lies Pauwels (Het Hamiltoncomplex) directs a performance about a life with pain and pain in life. Pain as symphony, as solitary experiment, as painful blunder, eternal or acute, as demon or as relief, as label or as portent of doom. Pain is not an isolated matter, it is sometimes a way of being. This performance builds on the experiences of people who suffer from pain, both physically as well as mentally. Together with four performing artists they analyse pain and its metaphors.

Samana, the organization for patients with a chronic disease and their carers, supports and accompagnies us in this project. Public outreach NTGent and Samana are also joining forces in a related project, mirroring the production, in the first week of December. Pain patients cast their story in a rehearsal process and performance. This collaboration will form a fascinating diptych with Anatomie van pijn.


Friday, February 14 at De Koninklijke Schouwburg

JULIA & Other Love Stories of The Dutch Don't Dance Division


Monday and Tuesday, February 17 & 18 at Theater aan het Spui

Botanical Wasteland of Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot/Touki Delphine/Theater Rotterdam

An impassionate plea for change
Take a seat in Botanical Wasteland’s lurid-green testbed. A futuristic habitat full of plastic waste and techno-garbage, in which man no longer holds centre place. In which everything is intertwined and the boundaries separating nature, technology, body and identity have been lifted.

As a result of the destructive way in which mankind has taken control of this planet, we are living in times of mass extinction. So, theatre artists Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot and musicians/performers Touki Delphine together launch a rousing appeal to radically change our relation with the world. Botanical Wasteland is a live performance with music and video-art all-in one. An event which involves the audience. A proposal for a new civilization where the ‘non-humans’ are empowered.

Come along to a new world you’ve never seen before on stage. What you’ll see and discover will go beyond thinking and understanding. So, open up your senses and see what happens.

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