Friday and Saturday, May 8 & 9 at Theater aan het Spui

SYZYGY of Jakop Ahlbom Company

With SYZYGY, Jakop Ahlbom Company expresses creatural and emotional themes regarding a given both simple yet intricately complex: the human body.

It is our most powerful and at the same time vulnerable possession, and for some, be it deliberately or forced, a complete obsession. How do media and culture influence our self-image, and are we capable of accepting change? With so many physical possibilities within reach, where do we draw a line? What even is beauty?


Wednesday, May 13 at Theater aan het Spui

Eternity of Theater Rotterdam/Davy Pieters

We humans desire more time, more space and a healthier life. Progress is being made: we live longer and we are getting better at controlling diseases. We're looking into the possibility of immortality. But what does it mean to live forever? What does it mean to live in a body that stays young, but has a spirit which continues to get older?

In her latest show, Eternity, Davy Pieters investigates the ultimate consequence of immortality. Using fysical and visual techniques, she displays the emotional impact brought about by striving for an eternal life.

How does one move, having lived for a hundred years, having seen generations come and go? What does one think of, dream of, how does one love, and what does one laugh and talk about? After How to build a Universe, Davy Pieters continues putting universal questions to life in her performance Eternity. Jimi Zoet will add a new dimension to her universe with his electronic soundscapes.


Wednesday, May 27 at De Koninklijke Schouwburg

Fight Night of Ontroerend Goed/The Border Project

Five contenders. Five rounds. Your vote. Only one will survive. The stakes: your attention, your love, your approval, your laughter, your compassion, your weak spot, your guilty pleasure, your heart, your support, your choice. We help you to decide through random checks, voting signposts, coalitions, campaigns, debates, consultants, exit polls, spin doctors, opinion gauges, list pushers, referendums. We’ll do anything to make the best not win.

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