Tuesday, December 17 at Theater aan het Spui

The exact position of things of Nicole Beutler Projects

She is present, but can no longer focus her thoughts. The exact position of things explores the disorientation of a woman who no longer remembers her own name. She survives by clinging to familiar rituals. The performance explores a constant loss of grip on reality. Words lead a life of their own, the search for meaning is in vain. Actions are repeated and the slightest change exposed.

The exact position of things is a dark performance with no centre, always moving forward into the next moment. Reminiscent of work by Beckett, it is not only existentialist and probing but also liberating. The question Beutler poses: can the loss of all knowledge bring freedom? With subtle humour, she leads the audience into the inner world of a person with Alzheimer’s, where the familiar becomes alien, and the alien appears familiar.


Friday - Sunday, December 20 - 22 at Theater aan het Spui

A Christmas Carol of STET

it is now a tradition. Christmas cannot start without A Christmas Carol. This special and moving story by Charles Dickens is brought to life by British storyteller and actor Ashley Ramsden. After the visits of the three ghosts of the past, present and the future, Scrooge realises that giving is far more rewarding than taking. A wonderful and inspiring evening to get you totally in the Christmas mood. During the season STET raises funds for charities like the Spierfonds, the Walkabout Foundation and Create the Bridge.

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